Privacy & Cookies Policy


At Moolamobile we greatly rely on the trust of our customers and therefore we greatly respect your privacy while take care of the personally-identifiable information. The information is private whether at the store on through the mail-order system. This document will verify the information of who is in control of the personal identifiable information that we had gathered, what we do with the information and the safety measure taken to ensure the privacy of information.


Who controls personally identifiable information gathered about you?

The data collected is controlled by Moolamobile.

What personally identifiable information does Moolamobile request?

The information is primarily collected when you apply for Moolamobile business account, give us a telephone call, send us an e-mail, enroll in a promotional program, place a new order or request a simple catalogue. The information required consists of your full name, email address, mailing address, contact number, credit card number, fax number, expiration date, return requests, offers being submitted to you, ordering and payment details, other optional demographic information, data related to usage of our site etc. Additional personally identifiable information will include date of birth, gender, age and employment. This process initiate when you register on the site and is not applicable only when you are paying a visit to the website. Without the basic personal information of the client, we cannot process your orders.


Where is the collected information stored?

The information collected is stored and being processed on the electronic information systems which is being operated only by Moolamobile

What about web site “cookies”.

The website in the European Union will utilize the cookies for their purposes to help our clients with better shopping experience for example remembering of the login ID and password, maintaining and checking the items in the shopping cart, and bypass the opening splash page as you choose. We have no control over the cookies as these basically are the data files storing on your computers.

How does Moolamobile use personally identifying information about me?

The personally identifiable information that you voluntarily provide to us will be used to process your orders, notify you about new services or special promotional programs, send you offers or information, or inform you of the outcome of promotional campaigns in which you voluntarily participated. We may contact you if we have questions about your order or to notify you of the status of an order. We may also use your e-mail address to identify you on our internal systems. The personally identifiable information that we store in cookies is used to track your activity at our web site and to remember your individualized settings (such as your password, your online shopping cart, and the configuration of your Internet browser software) to make your visit more convenient and to make it unnecessary for you to re-enter such information when you make return visits to our site.


With whom might Moolamobile share personally identifiable information about me?

We do not share the personally identifiable information about our clients to others except as disclosed in the Privacy Statement. We have a contract with certain reliable companies in order to fulfill the services as ordered by our clients. We use outside service providers to operate the website, send emails to potential customers, provide mailing services; we use an outside shipping company to ship the orders; and we use a credit card processing company to collect the payments made with a credit card.

The information provided to these companies is limited and they are not permitted to use or disclose the personal information for any purpose without asking for permission. The personal information will only be shared within the Moolamobile business team in order to carry on online operations to send you all the information the you requested, and cater to your own preferences of shopping.

Making online shopping more convenient and fun, out site will give access to some co-branded websites to display their frames. If you need to ask a question from a certain company being featured on our website, we will send your email Id to that company. We are not taking any responsibility for the content displayed on the respective websites of companies featured on our site. If you are making a purchase from the featured company, your personal information related to transactions will be accessible by that company as well.

Does Moolamobile conduct special programs that use personally identifiable information?

The special programs include promotional campaigns, contests and surveys which will involve using of the personally identifiable information. However, it is up to you to decide whether to be a part of these programs without limiting your ability to place orders for the services. The information required will be demographic and basic contact information including shipping address. The contact information will be notification for you to get in touch with our award winning programs.

Other than that, we only use the survey information for improving overall performance of our website operations.

How is my personally identifiable information protected?

Many steps have been taken to protect the personally identifiable information. The databases are protected from vulnerabilities and measures have been taken to restrict the important information access only to the authorized people as said in the Privacy Statement. There is a firewall to ensure the isolation and prevent accessing through other networks. The employees need to complete a specific task are given access to the personal information. Moolamobile employees are always up to date on privacy practices.

Our clients play a special part in security and therefore we suggest to never share your passwords with anyone. Always keep a check on your account and e-mail. After you are done with the work, log out and then exit the browser. If, however, you believe that someone has tried to access your account or used it improperly, contact us immediately.