Our Guarantee

Guarantees mentioned below are our promises:

Payment Assurance

We always pay you the exact amount
quoted by us or you will get your mobile
phone back absolutely FREE!

Payment on Same Day

Everyone wants to get paid instantly.
So we are promising to deliver your
payments on same day as soon as
we receive your phone!

Best Data Erasing Tool   

Our data erasing tool will assist you
to delete all your data, contacts &
personal information from your used
phone by providing step-by-step
instructions. It’s FREE of cost
and user-friendly.

Free Postage and Handling

We are having various postage and delivery
options for you which also includes free-post
service. When you register with us, you’ll
receive a FREE postage package so that
you can post the phone for FREE!

 100% Secure Registration

To ensure that your personal data is 100%
safe, our website is offering a secure and safe
registration process!

We Care About Environment

We want to make this world a better
place to live and we believe that it can be
done by recycling. We recycle your old
mobile phones in environmental friendly way!