All About Us?

Moola Mobile – Don’t throw that phone away!

Is your contract just up and you aren’t sure what to do with your old phone? Or did you just find a bunch of phones laying around in your house unused and wasting away in dust? Well don’t just throw them away or even give them away – Based in South London, Moola Mobile has the right solution for you, with over a decade’s worth of industry experience in the electronics business we’ve now expanded and opened a recycling centre at the end of town where we do phone collection and our experienced staff inspect them. So how about you just send us in your old phone, we’ll recycle it for you and what’s more also offer a guarantee to pay you as per the listing on our website.

Amazed? Well the next bit will blow you off!
You see recycling phones isn’t just a way for you to earn some extra cash it’s also good for the environment. A lot goes into making your phone that sleek, stylish piece of metal, what powers it is the battery which is produced using natural resources. When you send us your phone to recycle it, it’s your way of giving back and has a manifold effect.

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